Rehearsals module
Set rehearsals, recurring or single, with options to set exceptions
Rehearsals appear on the calendar next to events

Sponsor module
Sponsor list

Digital Signage module
Shows recent messages
Shows upcoming events and attendance

Smartphone Apps
Android App with push notifications and autologin
iOS App with push notifications and autologin

Sticky messages shown prominently on the home screen

Website integration
Add events and calendar automatically to you band website
Automatically push TamTam messages to a WordPress blog


Quick email options for conductors and management
Add ical attachment to event emails to allow people to save data to their personal calendar (ical integration)
Automatic reminder sent when a creating an event as well as two days before an event
Emails sent in the preferred user language
Automatic monthly activity overview mailing
Download core data as excel file for reporting purposes
Simplified onboarding process via bulk data upload and automatic email invitations to join tamtam to members
New analytics view to check on adoption by members (web browser vs app use)
Updated help and training documentation

Bug fixes

Browser check to avoid old, incompatible browsers to try and render the app
i8n default submit button of autoform translation
Fix spinner on upload excel file
Manage autofill of (stored) password on myprofile page
Awesome cookie error message fix

Known bugs