For musicians

  • Messages

    All communication in one convenient place
    Multi-language support: English, French or Dutch
    Stay up to date via app notifications and emails

  • Calendar

    Overview of all rehearsals, trips and events
    Check when and where you need to be
    Know exactly how to prepare
    Come with the right outfit!
    Add events to your personal agenda

  • Events

    Receive automatic emails or push notifications about upcoming events
    Single click to confirm attendance
    Indicate which instrument you will play (multi instrumentalists)
    Parents can manage the presence of minors
    Check out who will also attend the event

  • Communicate

    Chat one to one with members
    Chat with your division or with all members

  • Find Members

    Members can choose to share contact info
    Integrated email or phone options
    Promotes engagement outside events and repetitions

  • Opera - Music downloads

    Search the repertoire
    Download or print music sheets
    Listen to sample files or recordings
    Sing along music score, at home or on the go
    Available for all platforms: laptop, tablets or phones

  • Bar bill - Pay Electronically

    Order a drink at the bar after rehearsal
    Pay with Payconiq directly to your organisation
    Support your organisation financially
    Currently only possible in Belgium

  • Designed for everyone

    Runs in any web browser
    Installs on Android & IOs phones (Pogressive Web Apps)
    Simple manual for musicians
    Remote and on-site training offered


For conductors

  • Planning

    Set minimum number of attendees per group or instrument

  • Ease of mind

    Graphical overview of confirmations for trips, events and repetitions
    See attendance by division, group, and instruments
    One click email facilities to send reminders or last minute info
    Email only confirmed attendees or members who haven't confirmed yet

  • Follow up

    Download presence data in a Microsoft® Excel file

For the board

  • Get set up quickly

    Bulk upload member data using a Microsoft® Excel file
    Automatic onboarding with invites sent to all uploaded members
    Instruction videos available
    Remote or on-site training available

  • Management

    Prepare and publish new events
    Setup recurring repetitions easily, quickly add exceptions
    Send email invitations to musicians
    Simple e-mail templates to minimize administration
    User interface available in English, French and Dutch
    Ideal for international groups

  • Communication

    Automatic mailing option to inform on new events or remind members on upcoming events
    Create sticky messages shown prominently in the app

  • Follow up

    Check presence data
    Remind musicians who did not conifrm attendance
    Check attendance to repetitions

  • Sponsors

    Keep an overview of sponsors
    List sponsor contract details
    Manage sponsor communication

  • Insights

    Analytics about presence, involvement
    Supports multiple divisions
    Download Microsoft Excel reports on all data
    Get adoption analytics through web browser and apps
    Automatic monthly activity overview

  • Signage

    Engage members and visitors during repetitions or events
    Show info on attendance and upcoming events
    Adapted to any display or projector

  • Integration

    Integrate tamtam events and calendar automatically onto your band's website
    Push tamtam messages automatically to a WordPress blog

  • Compliant

    TamTam meets all GDPR requirements

Optional Modules

Opera Module

The Opera module is an additional module that helps associations manage their digital music repertoire.

For an overview of all works from the repertoire, go to the ‘Opera’ tab in the Tamtam management menu. The table contains the following information for each work:

  • Title
  • Serial Number
  • Added files
  • Composer
  • Arrangers
  • Category
  • You can search for a work by entering its title in the search bar or by selecting a category in the column heading.
  • View the score in the app
  • Listen to samples of the music in the app
  • Downloads scores for printing at home

The following restrictions apply to uploading files to the module:
File types: PDF, MP3, M4A, MP4, TXT, DOC, DOCX, JPG, JPEG and PNG.
The maximum file size is 50 MB.
The total file storage space is 50 GB.

With the tickets and sales module you can easily manage a digital sale for events or sales promotions. The module provides all essential functions for efficient ticket purchasing.

The module contains the following functions:

Ticket sales

The ticketing service can be configured with information about the event, concerts, location, tickets and the booking process.  The same goes for selling goods.


Tickets and purchase vouchers are issued by email with a QR code. The buyer can print a QR code or show the QR code on a smartphone.

Sales Tracking

The status of purchased tickets can be monitored and managed in the app.

Use of tickets or sales receipts

Tickets are issued by email with a QR code. The ticket holder can print a QR code on a smartphone. Everything can be checked at the event or upon delivery with the built-in scanner.

Follow up on sales

The status of purchased tickets can be tracked via a homepage. On this page you will find tickets for your purchase, or your beta version and your reserve of tickets available to you.

Scan tickets

You need a smartphone to scan tickets. In the app select the correct event. You can consult the overview of the different concerts for the event by clicking on the “Ticket Scanner” link. You scan the QR codes and immediately see the result.

Build a marketing strategy

While selling tickets users can opt in to be informed of future events.  Use this collected information to invite users in the future.